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06 Oct 2014

Tips for Cleaning Your Patio

Patio cleaning can be a gruelling or easy task. It depends on its size and how dirty it is. Below are a few tips to help you get started if you decide to do this yourself

How to Clean Your Patio

Firstly, you should prepare for the patio cleaning. So Ideally move all items off the paving area that needs to be cleaned, pots, toys, garden furniture etc. so you give yourself room to move and have a clear run at the patio.

Give the patio a good sweep to remove any leaves, soil from the moved pots, debris etc. If you have any weed growth, it is worth pre-treating these with a good weed killer about a week before you are going to clean the patio area this gives the weed killer time to work before you clean the patio.

If you are going to use a patio cleaning product from one of the big DIY sheds please read the labelling properly before you buy, as some of these can contain harmful chemicals that can damage certain stone or surfaces. Anything that says “hydrochloric acid” as part of the ingredients should be avoided especially if you have natural stone, what you need is an Alkaline based cleaner as these are usually pretty safe on most surfaces.

If using chemicals you need to watch where the dirty water is running off to, as some can and will damage plants & grass, so it is a good idea to water any flower boarders & lawns that butt up to the paving before you start cleaning, this gives the plants & grass a chance of survival. If you can try to divert any dirty water away from plants & lawns, also with the use of any chemicals comes PPE so again read any labelling on containers as to what the minimum PPE is needed.

So a few tips to help you get started with your patio cleaning and our first blog!!!!!