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If you are looking for high quality pressure washing and pressure cleaning services then look no further than R&A Pressure Washing. We operate in Surrey, London and surrounding counties.

Whether it is to clean driveways, wooden decking in gardens or to restore garden furniture we can be sure to meet any requirement to an exceptional standard.

Operating since 2005 and with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, R&A Pressure Washing Services can do all the hard work so you don’t have too.

Why do it yourself when you can call the experts? It takes more than elbow grease to shift all of the grime and we have the experience and professional equipment to restore outdoor areas to their former glory.

Our long list of domestic and commercial customers is proof that we get results every time without fail, with previous clients reporting amazing results, great value for money and the highest standard workmanship. So rather than suffer looking at dirty surfaces any longer, why not call in the professionals?

We guarantee to turn your dark, dull decking, patio or driveway into the light, bright area it once was.

For information or to make a booking Phone: 01784 456 475 or email for professional pressure washing cleaning services.

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Thorough and professional pressure cleaning services

While it’s perfectly possible to pressure wash your outdoor surfaces manually, the benefits of going pro are unrivalled. At R&A, we don’t just provide pressure cleaning services – we restore all types of outdoor living spaces to their full former glory.

We can save you time, effort and money on the long-term maintenance of your decking, patio and outdoor furniture with a bespoke solution to suit your exact requirements. So, contact the team at R&A Pressure Washing to find out what we can do for you.

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Why Hire our pressure cleaning services?

Our team provide pressure cleaning services in all types of residential and commercial environments. We’re here to ensure you get the kinds of results you simply would not be able to achieve with the DIY approach.

Not to mention, avoid countless common mistakes that could harm your patio or even those who use it.

Examples of these include:

  1. Excessive Pressure:
    • Risk: DIY enthusiasts often use excessive pressure, thinking it will lead to better results. However, high pressure can cause damage to delicate surfaces, including natural stone or wooden decking.
    • Solution: With our pressure cleaning services we understand the optimal pressure levels for different materials. Our equipment allows us to adjust pressure settings, ensuring effective cleaning without causing harm to the patio.
  2. Incorrect Nozzles:
    • Risk: Using the wrong nozzle for the pressure washer can result in uneven cleaning or, worse, damage to the patio surface.
    • Solution: Our pressure cleaning service team is trained to select the appropriate nozzles for specific materials and cleaning requirements. This ensures uniform cleaning without causing harm to the patio.
  3. Lack of Surface Knowledge:
    • Risk: Without proper knowledge of different patio surfaces, DIY attempts may lead to damage due to using incorrect cleaning techniques or solutions.
    • Solution: Our pressure cleaning service team have extensive knowledge of various decking, patio, driveway, garden furniture materials. We tailor our pressure washing services based on the specific requirements of each surface, ensuring a thorough yet gentle cleaning process.
  4. Safety Hazards:
    • Risk: DIY pressure washing without proper safety precautions can result in injuries from slips, falls, or misuse of equipment.
    • Solution: Our professional team prioritises safety. We use the necessary safety gear, employ secure cleaning techniques, and follow industry standards to prevent accidents and injuries.
  5. Inadequate Pre-Cleaning Preparation:
    • Risk: Failing to prepare a surface for adequately before pressure washing may result in inefficient cleaning or the spread of debris.
    • Solution: Our pressure washing service assesses the condition before starting the cleaning process. We perform necessary pre-cleaning steps, such as removing furniture and debris, ensuring a more effective and thorough cleaning.
  6. Inconsistent Cleaning Patterns:
    • Risk: DIY users may lack the experience to maintain consistent cleaning patterns, leading to uneven cleaning results.
    • Solution: Our pressure washing service professionals are trained to maintain consistent and overlapping cleaning patterns, ensuring a uniform and thorough cleaning of the entire surface.
  7. Overlooking Sealing Needs:
    • Risk: DIY pressure washing may overlook the need for sealing after cleaning, leaving the patio vulnerable to future damage.
    • Solution: Our pressure washing services offers sealing services as part of the cleaning process. Sealing provides an additional layer of protection, enhancing the longevity of the patio.
  8. Environmental Impact:
    • Risk: DIY pressure washing may involve the use of harmful chemicals or result in water wastage, negatively impacting the environment.
    • Solution: Our eco-friendly pressure washing service approach at R&A Pressure Washing Services ensures the use of environmentally safe cleaning products and minimizes water waste, contributing to responsible and sustainable practices.

Trust our pressure washing services to ensure it’s done in the safest possible way.

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Pressure Washing Services: Environmental Considerations

Addressing environmental concerns related to pressure washing services is a priority for us. We understand the importance of eco-friendly practices, and our commitment to using environmentally safe products sets us apart.

Our practices focus on minimising water waste and utilising biodegradable cleaning solutions. By choosing our pressure washing services, you contribute to environmentally responsible practices that prioritise the health of our planet.

In conclusion, pressure washing services is not just about cleanliness; it’s an investment in the longevity and aesthetics of your outdoor space. Avoiding DIY pitfalls and opting for professional services ensures a thorough, safe and environmentally conscious approach.

Discover the transformative power of professional pressure washing  services that goes beyond basic cleaning, focusing on complete restorations and long-term protection.

Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation and experience the benefits of a clean, rejuvenated patio.

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