R&A Pressure Washing Services


08 Nov 2014

More tips for pressure washing cleaning

Following on from our last tips, now we are starting to get into the colder months it is worth bearing a couple of points in mind if you are going to be pressure washing at this time of year. With the days now getting shorter remember to allow yourself enough time to complete the area you are cleaning, by this I mean also the clean up time and returning any items that need to be put back onto your patio or driveway etc. If the temperatures are going to be below freezing Stop, does this need to be done today? as the last thing you want to do is leave standing water on any area that is going to be walked on, and with the colder temperatures overnight, you could wake up to an “ice rink” and the possibility of someone having a nasty fall. With getting a professional company in like us, we can eliminate some of these problems by vacuuming the area dry after cleaning if freezing temperatures are forecast, so for your patio cleaning in Surrey & patio cleaning in London consider R&A Pressure Washing Services for the safest option.