Drives & Patio Cleaning

Travertine paving in need of pressure washing cleaning, had not been cleaned for around 20 years!! we think the after photo speaks for it’s self


Indian Sandstone paving with a serious amount of grass fertiliser staining, the staining was around 15-18 months old. We successfully removed the staining making the homeowners very happy


Portland stone patio deep cleaned in Central London, for all your external natural stone cleaning contact R&A Pressure Washing Sevices for excellent results like these.


Another Indian Sandstone surface that hadn’t been cleaned in a long while, covered in Lichen etc, our pressure washing cleaning process removed 99,9% of the staining



Indian Sandstone patio, not cleaned for around 7 years, so heavily covered in Lichen, deep cleaned to achieve the results below.

Sawn Yorkstone paving that was badly stained, the paving was deep clean to get these excellent results.


Another area we are experts at cleaning, wet-pour play surfaces, photos show the before & after cleaning, bringing the surface back to life and safe for children to play on again.



Yorkstone paving that had not been cleaned for around 40 years!!! in Chobham Surrey. Excellent results after a very deep clean. The paving will be re-pointed at a later date.



Sawn Sandstone patio that had been unfortunately damaged days after being laid by lawn fertiliser pellets which had landed on the new patio, the stains can look like “rust” but a totally different approach has to be taken to remove the stains. We were able to remove 99.9% of the staining making the owners and landscapers very happy.


Yorkstone patio in southwest London patio had not been cleaned in many years in fact the homeowners had forgotten what it’s original colours were. We did a very deep clean to bring the patio back to it’s former glory.


Tegula block paved drive in Cobham Surrey, it hadn’t been cleaned for around 4-5 years. Paving was pressure washed & chemically cleaned then re-sanded.


Concrete paving forming part of public walkways at a new housing development in Finsbury Park. The paving had been stained from when they were being wet-cut to size, we removed the staining with our slow speed rotary floor cleaner as pressure washing wasn’t an option in this case. Clients very happy with the results.


Indian Sandstone Before & after Heavy Lichen removal swimming pool surround, which had not been cleaned for around 10 years. Thames Dittion area

Patio Cleaning7
Patio Cleaning8
Patio Cleaning9
Patio Cleaning10

Another Indian Sandstone paving with Lichen spots, we were able to remove 99% of the Lichen. West Byfleet area

Patio Cleaning2
Patio Cleaning4
Patio Cleaning1
Patio Cleaning3

Travertine paving

Years of grime, algae etc. removed Weybridge area

Patio Cleaning5
Patio Cleaning6

Block paved driveway clean & re-sanded

Weathered Park Marlow

Driveway Cleaning1
Driveway Cleaning2

Another Block paved driveway clean & re-sanded

Farnham Royal area

Driveway Cleaning3
Driveway Cleaning4

Indian Sandstone that was very dirty & stained with lichen. Surface’s were chemically washed to reveal the true beauty of the stone.

Patio cleaning Surrey
Patio cleaning London
Patio cleaners Surrey
Patio cleaners London

Water Feature in Kensington, the before shows the years of neglect, the after show how really clean we can get even the most delicate of items

water feature cleaning
water feature cleaners

Indian Sandstone drive chemically cleaned to remove all lichen, algae etc.

professional pressure washing
professional pressure cleaning

Patio, Block Paving & Concrete paving, Paving was chemically washed allowed to dry then re-sanded.

paving stone cleaning
paving stone cleaners

Before photo shows porch area before cleaning, the after cleaning photo shows how the porch really should look

brickwork pressure washing

Before & after photos of a Honed Yorkstone patio, that had not been cleaned for seven years

block paving pressure washing
block paving pressure cleaning

Concrete head stone on main gates, before & after

pressure washing services
pressure cleaning services

Before photo Patio, concrete paving slabs, covered in Black Mould. After Photo, Mould totally gone. Owner over the moon

concrete pressure washing
concrete pressure cleaning

Townhouse patio garden (Central London) in need of some help. Area was washed, de-weeded. Furniture was cleaned and Teak Oiled. Excellent result

garden patio washing
garden patio cleaning

Indian Sandstone patio. Not been cleaned for Seven years covered in Algae and Black Lichen

sandstone washing
sandstone cleaning

A Resin based swimming pool surround that had been damaged by fire. The makers said the damage could not be corrected, but we were able to clean and remove 99.9% of the fire damage, which has made the owners very happy

fire damage removal
fire damage cleaning

Concrete slabs with brick in-lay. Mainly algae & dirt. All removed, owners very happy

patio cleaning Surrey
patio cleaning London

A very large oil stain on a block paved drive, in excess of 20 metres, all the staining & carbon shadow has been removed, the cleaned & re-sanded

patio cleaning Berkshire
patio cleaning Buckinghamshire

Business Park in St Albans before & after at different angles of the car parking area

car park pressure washing
car park pressure cleaning

Part of a private estate in Surrey over 2000 square metres of Tarmac cleaned

pathway pressure washing
pathway pressure cleaning

Indian Sandstone patio, before & after cleaning

patio cleaners Berkshire
patio cleaners Buckinghamshire