Wooden Decking Cleaning Pressure Washing Services

All wood sealers and oils we use are environmentally friendly leading woodcare products, including Owatrol and Colourtrend.

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Another Ipe decking restoration, 5 coats of old oil removed, wood brightened & neutralised, once dry sanded and finished Owatrol’s D1 Pro oil


Iroko gate restoration, deep cleaned and refinished with a semi-transparent stain, Owatrol’s Aquadeck’s Honey tint


Cedar clad office restoration, previous old finish removed, wood brightened & sanded once dry, and re-oiled with Owatrol’s Textrol clear oil

Yellow Balau decking, 12-15 months old, so a deep clean & brighten of the wood, once dry sanded & Aquadecks Honey tint stain applied.


Ipe decking restoration, all previous failed oils removed, wood brightened & sanded then finished with D1 Pro oil from Owatrol

Pressure Treated Pine decking in need of a bit of TLC, Previous stains/oil removed wood brightened then re-finished with Owatrol’s Aquadecks Honey Tint


Yellow Balau decking in need of some TLC, so a deep clean & brightening of the wood, once dry the wood was finished in Owatrol’s Aqua-Decks Honey tint.


Part of a Western Red Cedar decking restoration, around 8 previous types of sealer/stain/oil had been applied to the wood over the years. We did a full strip of the old coatings then re-stained, Home owners couldn’t believe the results, far beyond their expectations


Ipe decking in Central London, this one just needed it’s yearly maintenance clean & re-oil, some fantastic boards on this decking.


Southern Yellow Pine decking, around 15-20 years old, previous stains & coatings were removed, wood all brightened, sanded & re-stained using Aqua-Decks

Cedar office & Southern Yellow Pine decking, we cleaned and brightened  all the wood, once dry sanded any raised grain and applied Aqua-Decks Honey (tint) to get the fantastic finish the home owner was looking for


Pressure treated pine decking around 10 years old and has never been cleaned properly, we deep cleaned & brightened the decking, then re-stained to show up the true colours of the wood.


Yellow Balau decking, a deep clean & brightening of the wood, then re-oiled in Crowthorne Berkshire


Around 200 square metres of Ipe decking in need of a bit of TLC, we removed the old oil-sealer, brightened & sanded the wood then applied Aquadecks Honey to produce the finished results


Camaru Decking (Brazilian Teak) old failed oil removed, decking brightened & boards sanded then re-oiled


Ipe decking cleaned & re-oiled Teddington Area

Garden Decking Cleaning 7
Garden Decking Cleaning 8

Teak decking old sealer removed, brightened, sanded & re-oiled
Owners delighted with the end result. Hampstead London

Garden Decking Cleaning 1
Garden Decking Cleaning 3
Garden Decking Cleaning 2
Garden Decking Cleaning 4

Cedar decking Croydon area
The old failed sealer removed, the wood brightened, then sanded & re-oiled

Garden Decking Cleaning 5
Garden Decking Cleaning 6

Southern Yellow Pine
Decking had never been cleaned ever!!! So a very deep clean was in order then re-oiled Great result Ealing West London

Teak Wood Furniture Cleaning5
Teak Wood Furniture Cleaning6

Ipe deck that had been stained “Chocolate Brown” We stripped the old stain off, brightened, sanded all the boards then re-oiled, after photo really does show the beauty of the wood

decking pressure washing Surrey
wooden decking cleaning Surrey

Oak roof-top deck in Central London, decking was cleaned & brightened, allowed to dry then sanded and re-oiled

decking pressure washing London
wooden decking cleaning London

Ipe roof-top decking, which hadn’t been cleaned for 8 years. The decking was cleaned, brightened, allowed to dry, sanded and oiled. Before photo is part cleaned to show how much dirt, algae etc was really on it

decking pressure washing London Berkshire
wooden decking cleaning London Berkshire

Ipe decking with around 8 coats of oil on it. The decking was stripped & brightened, allowed to dry then hand sanded. The deck now has that just laid/built look which the client at “The Wimbledon Club” wanted for the 2010 championships

decking cleaning
decking cleaners
decking pressure washing London Berkshire Buckinghamshire
wooden decking cleaning London Buckinghamshire

High level IPE decking, the deck was stripped of old oil finish, brightened, hand sanded then re-oiled using OTO natural

garden decking cleaning
garden decking pressure washing

Ipe deck about 2 years old. Old oil finish was removed, then deck was hand sanded and reoiled using OTO Natural

wooden decking pressure washing
wooden decking pressure cleaning

Iroko Decking, stripped of old stain/sealer, brightened, hand sanded then re-oiled using OTO Mahogany Flame

decking cleaning South London
decking cleaning South West London

Softwood riverside decking/jetty, algae covered and very slippery. Decking was washed & neutralised then finished in a “Rustic Oak” colour

decking cleaning South East London
decking cleaning North London

This deck was stripped of the old failing stain, then re-sealed in Cabots ATO Honey Teak

decking cleaning East London
decking cleaning West London

Southern Yellow Pine deck, that was stripped of old oil finish then re-oiled using OTO

professional decking cleaning
professional decking cleaners

Patio area decking, The wood was stripped to remove the failing stain, neutralised, then sealed using Cabot’s ATO Amberwood finish

pressure wash decking
pressure wash garden decking